CTO Plus 2024 Faculty Resources

Welcome CTO Plus 2024 Faculty Resources!

Congratulations on joining the faculty for CTO Plus 2024. Please use the following resources to prepare for the meeting.

Roles and Responsibilities

Please review the responsibilities for each role below, and visit our Presenter Instructions section for details about presentation requirements.

  • Set the tone for each session.
  • Provide a brief introduction.
  • Lead the session.
  • Keep the session on time and on schedule.
    • Provide the panel and presenters with verbal cues to wrap up or move the session along.
  • Facilitate active conversation among the discussants based on the lectures.

  • Applies to all presenting roles such as those with "Presenter" /"Lecturer" included.
  • Present within the allotted time per the session program to ensure the program stays on track. It is advisable to minimize the number of slides.
  • Presenters may be scheduled to remain for the session if a discussion occurs immediately following the presentation.

  • Discussants
    • Chat Monitors
      • Please sit in reserved seat for chat monitor.
      • Direct inquiries from the online Q&A to the panel
      • View best practices and a sample of the MONITOR screen to help guide you
    • How-to panelist
      • Please sit in reserved seat for how-to panelist.
      • Request the playback of how-to videos during your live case panel (How-to videos are factoid-like pre-recorded videos that will be shown during live cases as a relevant situation or technique arises. Each video will be 1-2 minutes with no audio. These will be displayed on side screens during the live case )
      • Please arrive 15 minutes early to your session to be connected to the communication device to request these videos during your session.

    • Participate as a Discussant.
    • Direct inquiries from the online Q&A.
    • View best practices and a sample of the moderator screen.

    Presenter Instructions

    To provide the optimal experience for all attendees and successful participation, please make yourself aware of the following presentation instructions.

    Required FilesSubmission Deadline
    All Presenting Roles
    • PowerPoint (.pptx)
    • Click “View Details” for presentation requirements.

    72 hours prior to your session

    Upload Your Presentations And Files

    Presenters and Lecturers

    Early upload (72 hours prior) for many presentations is necessary to screen for technical issues that may create problems during presentations and to allow for CME Review. Failure to comply with the 72-hour deadline will jeopardize the session’s CME accreditation.
    1. Enter your email address and password.
    - Use the email that received the communication to upload, the same email in the CRF Faculty system.
    - First time? Click “Forgot your password?” to create a password to upload your presentation(s).
    2. Select your talk and upload the relevant file.
    3. After uploading, the file will appear beneath the presentation.
    4. Check that the correct file appears in the correct presentation slot.
    *Please use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If you do not have access to one of these browsers, please send Encore your presentation via email or an online storage service such as Dropbox or Box, and they will upload the files for you. You must include talk title, date, time, presenter, etc.

    CME Review

    CRF’s CME committee will review your presentation for ACCME compliance.
    CRF is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. As a result, CRF must ensure that CME activities are developed free from the control of ineligible companies and are balanced, objective, and scientifically rigorous. As such, disclosure forms, learning objectives, audience response questions, presentation reviews, or other measures are requested in advance of the meeting to satisfy our accreditation requirements.
    Important: ACCME now requires 24 months of disclosure information.

    Technical Issue or Questions?

    Technical Queries When Uploading

    Other Questions (including program items)

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